Passionate about providing an amazing customer experience and enabling local (and not-so-local) shoppers have access to an array of options, Mel and Adrian Carter have been  operating Nature’s Choice Health Products since 2007.

The right products to meet your needs

Mel Carter has a strong sense of pride in the way the shop looks and that the right products on shelf. The key words here are ‘fabulous’ and ‘always improving’. She takes care to keep up with the latest trends to select products that meet your needs in an ever-evolving industry.

Her passions lie in herbal medicine, teas, natural skin care and, of course, customer service.

Creating the look

As a partner in the business, Adrian has a hands-on role behind the scenes, continuously creating the quirky wood signs found in the store.
He has also designed and built many of the shop fittings including shelving and the warm, natural wood counter.

... and a violin teacher!

A lesser known fact, Mel loves her violin. She plays daily as an important part of her own health regime.  When she is not in the shop, she may be out teaching others to play!
“I find playing music is like a meditation. It grounds me. It helps me to reset, creating a calm and open space.”